About us


The company’s goal in the next three years is to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign, increase our presence in the market and to be the top rated ground transport and shuttle company in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Western Cape provinces.

These will be achieved by continuously monitoring and researching all the possible ways to add value to our clients. The key objectives of the company for the next two years can be summarized as follow:

  • Provide high class service to all our clients
  • Build a solid relationship with all our clients
  • Roll out more shuttle vehicles depending on our clients needs
  • Create employment for 15 people

Be the number one transport and shuttle company that provides a reliable and safe shuttle service ensuring all our customers feel confident. Placing our clients as number one in everything we do and forging long-term partnership is the priority for Maseko Brothers.


Become number one in shuttle services and in everything we do in the transport industry in South Africa and Africa.


The company uses vehicles that have been carefully selected by the management of the company taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Comfort of the vehicle
  • Safety of the passengers
  • Reliability
  • Needs of the customers
  • Needs of the customers

As passenger safety and comfort are our number one priority, we ensure that our drivers go through an intensive screening process before being appointed and are continuously trained on customer care and adhering to road safety precautions and standards.

The company sees and values the importance of strong risk controls to mitigate risk of any kind.


Maseko Brothers employs highly trained drivers who are very professional and trained on excellent customer service.